It's Not The Pipeline Podcast

Episode 3: Nikema Prophet - Know Your Value and Your Story

Episode Summary

Highlights of the show: - Beginning of her tech journey - Navigating that journey while supporting a family - Winning a group hackathon while using a beat up laptop used to remotely connect to her desktop (dopest thing I've heard in a while!) - How a startup weekend hackathon was pivotal in her growth personally and professionally - The first and second iteration of her job search movement, and the important things she learned from both experiences - How she methodically approached her job search to find the specific role that she wanted This was such a great interview, I hope you all enjoy!

Episode Notes

Welcome to episode 3 of It's Not The Pipeline Podcast! I'm hoping that these conversations that are full of great advice, tips, and techniques can help you move forward as you continue your personal journey in tech, science, business, or anywhere else.

Today on the show I'll be speaking with Nikema Prophet.

Nikema is a mother, artist, technologist, and founder based in Sacramento, CA. This past August, she landed her first full-time technical role after creating and participating in a social job searching challenge, #100DaysOfJobSearch. Her work as a founder and now an employee is focused on creating and maintaining safe, equitable, and diverse communities in tech.

Highlights of the show:

This was such a great interview, I hope you all enjoy!



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